Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our last The Amazing Race update

Looks like I've got to find a new Sunday evening hobby. If you watched The Amazing Race tonight, then you saw our favorite team - Cara and Jaime - get eliminated. Dagnabbit! They raced extremely well but there's so much luck involved that no matter how good a team is, they can be eliminated at any time if the breaks go against them.

This week Cara and Jaime suffered a severe set back when those crazy-goths-in-love, Kent and Vyxsin, forced them - to their faces! - to make a "U-turn." That required Cara and Jaime to complete an extra, time-consuming task before moving onto the next challenge.  During the "extra task," Cara once again put to great use her law student organizational skills by placing the Chinese dolls in the correct order.  But the next and final challenge, assembling a giant dinosaur out of wooden parts, proved too much for Jaime and our team was, unfortunately, eliminated. They both handled it with grace and sportsmanship. For Cara, it's back to the law books.

Something that Cara shared with me that doesn't always come through on the show is how stressful and tiring the competition is. Think about how exhausted you feel after you arrive in a foreign country following a long, overnight flight. Then think about how stressful it must be when you don't speak the language but still need to figure out how to get to your destination without the use of a map or mobile device. Sometimes it involves hopping in a car in a foreign city without knowing the rules of the road or being able to read the street signs. But you've got to get there as quickly as possible because you're racing for a million dollars. You don't get a chance to shower or freshen up in a hotel room; perhaps you don't even get a chance to eat. Once you arrive at your destination, you then have to complete a timed challenge that requires endurance, strength or concentration.

Cara told me that sometimes they didn't shower or eat for days. Sometimes they didn't get much sleep during the overnight travel segments.  And some of the public transportation and bathrooms were gross.  On top of all that, you never know if your leading the pack or trailing in last place.  All-in-all, it's a very impressive accomplishment just to have competed.

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