Thursday, March 10, 2011

New York considers mandatory e-filing; will an "electronic courthouse" be next?

Lawyer-bot, meet courthouse-bot.  The rest of us are starting to feel like a third-wheel.  As reported by Above the Law, New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman has submitted a state court budget that seeks to save big money by mandating e-filing statewide.  At present, it's only mandatory in a couple of counties.  But the more significant news is that Judge Lippman eventually wants to create a "digital courthouse"

where the bar and public will be able not only to file papers electronically, but to quickly retrieve court documents, receive court orders, pay fines and fees, and make remote court appearances that will be recorded electronically. So much of the basic business transacted in our courts can be accomplished without lawyers or litigants physically appearing in the courthouse. The 'digital courthouse' will provide vast savings for the courts, litigants, and local governments.

When digital lawyers litigate in a digital courtroom, can Skynet be far behind?

You can learn more about Chief Judge Lippman's plan for a digital courthouse by reading his press release here and read more of ATL's commentary here.


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