Monday, March 14, 2011

More advice on blogging and social media for small firms and solos

We posted the other day about the advantages to new grads and solos of establishing a practice-related blog as an inexpensive way to promote yourself.  Included in that post are numerous tips to help get you started.  Over at Above the Law, a new and popular column devoted to small firm practice addresses a number of concerns expressed by those wading into the social media waters for the first time. Here they are:

  • How to get established on Twitter.
  • How to maintain a professional aura in your social media use.
  • What about "billing" for time spent on social media? (short answer - you can't)
  • Can you get sued for something you post (always a possibility but if you use commonsense you should be able to avoid it)
  • What if you offend someone? (sometimes it happens, but if you use commonsense, you should be able to avoid it)
  • Do I really need a social media presence if I'm already in the Yellow Pages and Martindale-Hubbell? (yes).

You can read the commentary that goes along with each of these points by clicking here.


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