Thursday, February 3, 2011

Laptops versus tablets

Over at Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips blog, he asks whether tablet computers are laptop killers.  Law firms love to give them away to associates and now one law school has given them to all faculty and students.  They're great devices when you're on the go but laptops still rule when it comes to preparing documents.  As Mr. Calloway says:

My guess is that reports of the death of the laptop are premature. For me, the laptop is still the superior device for writing a term paper or a legal brief. What will probably save the laptop for a good number of years is that it is (somewhat ironically given the name) still the superior device for working at a desk or a table.

But the tablet is superior in a number of other ways: best for using on an airplane, best for reading an e-book, best for using while reclining on a sofa or in bed, to name a few. My initial impression is that those individuals and families who can afford it will have various computer devices for various uses, including a smart phone for immediate access. As they upgrade their devices, the old ones won't go away, but will be used by those who couldn't afford or didn't choose to invest in the higher-priced new versions.

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