Wednesday, February 16, 2011

At U. Miami, law students vote on their "bill of rights"

Today and tomorrow, students at U. Miami will be voting on a "bill of rights" that seeks to guarantee for them, according to the author, "fairness" in legal education.  The "bill of rights" includes such things as the "right" to have exam questions apportioned fairly among the topics covered in class, the "right" to not purchase course materials that aren't covered on the final exam, and the "right" to not be marked unprepared when asked in class about material not covered in the day's reading.

It sounds like somebody is pissed at their professor.

Further, in this job market, I hope the author(s) can remain anonymous to prospective employers. 

Below is the full "bill of rights."  You can read the rest of the story, along with Elie Mystal's commentary, here at Above the Law.Miamistudent-bill-of-rights


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