Friday, January 21, 2011

Pro Wrestler Allegedly Poses as Lawyer

Strange World Department: Leonard Inzitari wrestles professionally under the name Mario Mancini. He also was working as a paralegal while waiting to take the Connecticut bar exam. According to allegations, he has represented himself as a licensed lawyer. The alleged conduct took an unfortunate turn when he appeared to depose the plaintiff is an auto accident case, identifying himself as Mario Mancini. The opposing attorney later investigated and discovered that Inzitari/Mancini was not an attorney. The state grievance committee was scheduled to hold a hearing on the matter on January 19. Here is the story from the Connecticut Law Tribune.

 I wonder how often unlicensed individuals pose as licensed professionals. It may be easy for staffers who work for professionals and see  only  the surface part of the  job  to think that they can  perform as well as their high-priced employers.  Many years ago, when I was a Legal Services attorney, a paralegal was taking money from impecunious clients. She was found out and fired.  Afterward, on at least one occasion, she appeared in court representing a “client” and claiming to be a lawyer.


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He is a joke posing as a lawyer after his laughable WWF career, if thats what you want to call it. What is a bigger joke is that the Disciplinary Committee did absolutely nothing to him. Here is a MORON that does hundreds of depositions and a lawyer finds him out and after all is said and done they do nothing. Its a big slap in the face to the LEGAL Lawyers that passed the bar and use their REAL LEGAL names. If he breaks the law before he becomes a lawyer imagine what he is going to do afterward.

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