Sunday, January 16, 2011

Law School Assesssment: How???

One of the most controversial topics today is how law schools should assess what they do. The American Bar Association is planning to require law schools to assess themselves or risk problems with accreditation. Unfortunately, the ABA has not given much guidance on how to proceed with the task.

 At the January AALS meeting, the most profitable session for me was sponsored by the Legal Writing, Reasoning, and Research Section: “How Legal Writing Faculty Can Contribute to Their Law School’s Assessment Plan.” Leading the discussion were David Thomson (Denver); Sophie Sparrow (New Hampshire), and Lori Shaw (Dayton). As a continuing contribution, they have created a valuable web page packed with links to many resources. They invite readers to contribute further resources to the web page. If  your school is trying to figure  out the assessment puzzle—and I am sure it is—this is worth your time.


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