Friday, January 28, 2011

Judge Judy Flunks Tax

Over on the Mauled Again blog (Jan. 21), Jim Maule reviews a TV  episode where Judge Judy seems  to assume that  (1) the  transferor spouse in a marital property settlement gets a tax deduction and (2) the recipient must include the property in gross income. Wrong on both counts. This is basic tax law. Who knows how many members of the TV  audience are going to take her word for the state of the tax law? Who knows how many audience members are going to mess up their filings? Who will they believe--the Judge or TurboTax? Jim has promised to expose another Judge Judy tax goof soon. Stay tuned.


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It is a bit surprising the tough Judge Judy to be hospitalized. Well, she is just human anyway. It is a good thing to pause in times like this. I have read the details here: Judge Judy Hospitalized-gossipinthecity

Posted by: Sidd Finn | Apr 3, 2011 7:56:37 AM

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