Monday, January 17, 2011

Jim Calloway on the Dark Side of Technology

If you are looking for solid, practical and thoughtful commentary and suggestions on law practice management issues, you can't go wrong starting at Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips Blog.

Jim's post today, The Dark Side of Technology, is a great example.

Jim considers some of the issues raised by information overload and being "always connected." He points you to some excellent resources, highly recommends a CNBC show called "Crackberry'd" and offers some sage advice of his own.

The money quote from Jim:

I encourage all lawyers to think about how much time they allow themselves to deeply focus on the work. It seems like a good time management tool to check e-mail while waiting for a dentist appointment. But I have concluded that the same thing is not a good idea when waiting to take a deposition. Then you need to be focusing on the task ahead and not run the risk of being distracted by an e-mail on an entirely different matter.

Finding an approriate balance between time for focus and reflection and time for availability and being connected is quickly becoming one of the most important skills everyone in law must learn.


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