Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Much Do Law Partners Make?

According to an extensive survey, the answer is: a lot of $$$. Major, Lindsey & Africa, attorney search consultants, have released the results of their Partner Compensation Survey. The average annual compensation of all respondents was $640,000. For non-equity partners, the average was $336,000. Corporation law partners made the most: $759,000.

 The results are weighted toward big firms.  55% of the partners who responded to the survey were in firms of 501 lawyers or more. 78% were in firms of 201 lawyers or more.

 I keep on reading that happiness correlates with increased income only up to $75K. Income greater than $75K does not increase happiness. Draw your own conclusions.

 Here is a link to the media release that will permit you to access this extensive survey.


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