Monday, January 3, 2011

Green Bag's list of best legal writing for 2010

And here's the list from the Green Bag Journal's best legal writing for 2010:

Opinions for the Court
• Frank H. Easterbrook, Bodum USA, Inc. v. La Cafetiere, Inc.
• John Gleeson, U.S. v. Ovid
• John L. Kane, U.S. v. Brownfield
• Kevin G. Ross, State v. Wiggins

Concurrences, Dissents, Etc.
• Alex Kozinski, U.S. v. Pineda-Moreno
• Diane P. Wood, Bodum USA, Inc. v. La Cafetiere, Inc.

• John H. Langbein, Renee Lettow Lerner & Bruce P. Smith, History of the Common Law: The Development of Anglo-American Legal Institutions
• Martha Minow, In Brown’s Wake
• Jack Rakove, Revolutionaries: A New History of the Invention of America

Short Articles
• Barbara Babcock, Clara Shortridge Foltz, in Roger K. Newman, ed., The Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law
• Justin Driver, Why Law Should Lead
• Jeffrey Rosen, Roberts versus Roberts: Just how radical is the chief justice?
• Mary Whisner, Enact Locally

Long Articles
• Albert W. Alschuler, Two Ways to Think About the Punishment of Corporations
• Allen D. Boyer, Law’s Architect
• Mark R. Kravitz, Written and Oral Persuasion in the United States Courts: A District Judge’s Perspective on Their History, Function, and Future

News & Editorial
• William W. Bedsworth, No Questions Asked?
• Jeffrey Toobin, Without a Paddle
• Nina Totenberg, Martin Ginsburg’s Legacy: Love of Justice (Ginsburg)

• Heather K. Gerken, Testimony Submitted to the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules and Administration
• Tony West et al., Opposition to Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction and Memorandum in Support of Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss, Al-Aulaqi v. Obama

Here's the link where, if you're lucky, you might also be able to snag one of GB's very coveted SCOTUS bobbleheads.

Hat tip to the Legal Blog Watch.


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