Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday Fun: So this is what they mean by cloud computing!

From the blog Big Legal Brain:

For those of you who don’t have ten minutes to spare surfing the web, we’ve culled through the crap and come up with this Master List of best cloud computing options:

For the traditional rainmaker, the Nimbostratus brings constant precipitation and low visibility. This rocks for keeping secret stuff under the radar while you’re raking in the dough. For the boring elderly lawyer, we recommend the Nimbostratus Nebulosus — known for being featureless and for wearing a uniform.

For the recent grad launching his solo practice out of his mom’s basement, we recommend the Cirrocumulus. Its convective instability creates a cumuliform (“puffy” or “cotton-like”) appearance, which studies show will create a paradigm shift for the virtual law office industry within the next six months. Supplementary features include the Cirrocumulus Mamma with bubble-like downward protuberances (“bulbs” or “knobs” or “other things that protrude”), and/or the Cirrocumulus Virga that produces light precipitation that evaporates well above ground level. (How cool is THAT?!)

The Cirrus Cloud comes from the highest region of the troposphere where things “tend to be wispy, and are often transparent.” As transparency and wispiness are important to any real or hobbying lawyer’s personal brand, we recommend the Cirrus to anyone who can afford it. The best value is most likely the Cirrus Radiatus, which boasts a “large area of circus cirrus displaying horizontal branding.”

Source: Wikipedia’s List of Cloud Types

You can read more about "cloud computing" here.


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