Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Clickers appear to be a popular choice among undergrad profs for making a large class seem small

This post from the popular columnist ProfHacker at the Chronicle of Higher Ed asks readers for suggestions about how to use technology to make a large class feel smaller (the ProfHacker's idea of a "large" class is 45 students while some of the commenters mention they teach classes of up to 500 students!).  While readers offer several suggestions, a recurring one is to use clickers to engage more of the class.  Here's a representative comment:

The most useful technological tool I adopted was clickers – if you want to do many low-stakes assessments, clickers are great because you can get immediate feedback. You can also use clickers to do peer instruction, which supports the community-building goal. Derek Bruff has a ton of info about clickers (http://derekbruff.com/teachingwithcrs/).

We've talked before on this blog about the merits of clickers. This is just more evidence that they can be a very good way to engage more of your class.

Click here to read the ProfHacker's column and then scroll down to see the readers' comments.



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