Friday, December 17, 2010

Ways that lawyers can use Twitter more effectively

I don't use or follow Twitter (each of us has to draw the line on what additional technology we have time for and/or adds value to our daily lives - see this blog post from Attorney At Work for practical advice on how to do just that).  Although many lawyers don't use Twitter either, others do see the benefits.  Here's an article from the National Law Journal that advises lawyers on ways they can use Twitter to enhance their practice.   Among the suggestions is that it can be an effective research tool (since the popular press often Tweet stories before they go live elsewhere), clients sometimes prefer to use Twitter as the fastest way to get in touch with their lawyers, and Twitter can be an effective business development tool by using it to market your expertise to existing and would-be clients.

Check out all the reasons Twitter might be a good fit for your practice here.


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