Sunday, December 5, 2010

Prospective students need better data about the cost of law school compared to expected salaries

Although not  a new topic, this particular story was carried by a popular press newspaper - the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune.

It is troublingly unclear whether prospective students have the information they need to realistically weigh the risks and benefits of a law degree. While some law schools do a better job than others (including several in Minnesota), the bare-minimum approach taken by some makes it difficult for students to determine what kind of job they can expect after graduation and how much they can expect to earn. Too often, the salary and placement information on websites and in popular media makes the postgraduation world look rosier than it is.

Salary information may only reflect graduates who work in private industry, for example, where top students tend to land and where those six-figure starting salaries tend to be. The "median" salary may only be for graduates who chose to report their incomes; those who didn't report back might not be employed, or might have lower salaries.

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