Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is it better to have a gap on your resume than do "temp" legal work? A response.

We'd previously blogged about some advice from legal career services folks who suggested that having "contract attorney" (i.e. document reviewer) on one's resume might be the kiss of death to some employers if you're hoping to snag a permanent position.  They suggested one might be better off leaving a gap on your resume.   So what's a recent law grad to do? Forgo a temp position because it might hurt her prospects for later, full-time employment?

Professor Mitchell Rubinstein of our sister publication, the Adjunct Law Prof Blog, is an employment law expert who offers a different take on a situation confronting many recent grads.  In the words of Brother Rubinstein:

The worst thing on a resume is a gap because that implies that the person was fired. Whether that is true or not that is simply the implication. So, what is a person suppose to do? Getting a job as a temp shows that the person is willing to work and is not concerned with titles or form. 

Sure, no one wants to be in this situation; but given the economy many lawyers find themselves in this situation. The responsible thing to do is to try to get out of it anyway you can.

You can read the rest of his thoughts on the subject here.


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