Friday, December 10, 2010

Animal Law Comes of Age

When the Journal of Legal Education publishes a symposium on Animal Law, you know that the field has arrived. As the Journal’s editors note, “animal law is already central to numerous political and legal issues, including environmental protection and sustainability, the massive industry of pet ownership and care, and the multinational corporate sector devoted to the production of animal food and other products such as leather and furs.”

 Of particular interest to lawyering skills professors is Kathy Hessler’s article on her Animal Law Clinic at Lewis & Clark. Here is a list of the articles.



Growing Up with Animal Law: From Courtrooms to Casebooks (PDF)


by Bruce A. Wagman




The Future of Animal Law:Moving Beyond Preaching to the Choir (PDF)


by Megan A. Senatori and Pamela D. Frasch




The Bob Barker Gifts to Support Animal Rights Law (PDF)


by Taimie L. Bryant




The Role of the Animal Law Clinic (PDF)


by Kathy Hessler




Animal Law in Court and Congress:A Roundtable with Practitioners (PDF)


with Nancy Perry, Coby Dolan, Jessica Almy,Zak Smith, and Matthew Liebman





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