Friday, December 17, 2010

AALS Events I Will Not Be Attending

For those of you journeying to San Francisco for the AALS Annual Meeting, here’s the final program, listing where events and sessions will take place. It is 220 pages and available only electronically. Because I do  not cross  picket lines,  there are some events  that  I will not be  attending; they  take place at the Hilton. I recognize that some people of good will  take a  different position.

 Here is a list of events and sessions at the Hilton that I was planning to attend or seriously thinking about attending. I am including page numbers from the program that describe them.

 Exhibit Hall (1)

Transactional  Law & Skills (7)

Legal Writing Section Business Meeting (8)

Legal Writing Luncheon (30) (I have asked for a refund)

Real Estate program on  green buildings (36)

AALS Site Evaluation Workshop (45)

AALS Presidential Programs (60)

Committee on Research Program (84)

Section on Legislation (97)

Legal Writing Section (103)


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