Thursday, December 9, 2010

A new blog devoted to providing lawyers with a practice tip each day

This might be worth adding to your daily feed (I just did).  It's called "Attorney at Work" and consists of a panel of law practice experts who are committed to giving readers a new practice tip each day.  According to the website:

Attorney at Work promises you one really good idea every day. And these aren’t just any old ideas. We’ve got a growing bunch of experts from the vanguard of practice management who zero in on exactly what you need to get your law practice off the bunny slope. It’s all original—the real deal—from the best in the business (we like to call them our 'Minds at Work'). You can believe it: These people get your big issues, yet can handily swat the common little irritants that trip you up.

Our goal  is to give you everything you need to create a law practice—and a life—you can love. Each morning, we send you a sound idea on anything from getting clients—even if you are missing the rainmaker gene, to solving the ‘slammed with work but chronically short on cash’ dilemma. From how to get a grip on cloud computing and the newest apps, to what to do about an assistant with memory problems, or a secretary who doesn’t like you. Our experts help you navigate firm red tape, move up the ladder, launch a new practice or even scale it back for parenthood, retirement or just a little more pleasure in your life.

A hat tip to LegalBlogWatch.


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