Thursday, November 11, 2010

One firm announces it will buy iPads for all associates

We've reported before that lawyers lag behind the rest of the business world in making the transition from laptops to iPads.  NYC's Proskauer just announced it wants to do its part to close the gap.

As reported by Above the Law, an internal firm memo has been circulated stating that:

[Management] announced at a Town Hall meeting earlier this week, the Firm will be offering lawyers a choice of either a desktop PC and an iPad or a laptop with a docking station.

We plan to distribute iPads in early February after the anticipated release of the new model. The Firm will also provide a wireless keyboard and case to complement the iPad. As with all PCs, laptops and Blackberries, iPads provided by the Firm are Firm property.

What, if anything, does this portend about law schools making the switch from laptops to iPads?   I think this time around we should proceed more cautiously and let students drive the switch-over, if there's going to be one, rather than mandate iPad use in the classroom.  I hold the same opinion about e-readers like Kindle, especially since research shows that college students don't like them nearly as much as p-texts.  If some students prefer, for example, to use an e-reader over a traditional textbook, that's fine but let's not force them to buy expensive electronic devices they may not want or otherwise use. 


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