Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A micro-trend in the making? CUNY School of Law has had an incubator project since 2007

So take that, UMKC! As noted below, UMKC School of Law has just launched a solo and small firm incubator project intended to help new grads get their careers off the ground.  In reporting the story, one of ATL's astute readers  pointed out that CUNY School of Law has had its own "incubator" project since 2007.  It's described in this New York Times article entitled "Lawyers Learn How to be Businesslike" dated January 8, 2008:

[When] Mr. Munson [a then recent CUNY law grad] set out on his own . . . after leaving his first job with the Legal Aid Society, he quickly realized that whatever he knew about law would not help him much in private practice, which is essentially running a small business.

'It’s a totally different mind-set,' said Mr. Munson, 42. 'You’re thinking, how do I generate a salary? Should I hire an employee? How do I go about doing that?'

Mr. Munson is getting answers to those questions through a so-called incubator program established by his alma mater, the City University of New York School of Law, for its graduates.

The program aims to help and encourage new lawyers to go into private practice on their own in communities where there are few lawyers, and where people cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars per hour for legal service. For 18 months, it offers training by experienced practitioners in all matters of building a law practice: drumming up business, keeping accurate books, and hiring and firing.

You can read more of the NYT's coverage of the CUNY program here.



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