Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome to the SkillsProf Blog

After an unanticipated delay, the SkillsProf Blog is officially launched.   What we hope to accomplish with this blog is to fill a niche that we think is currently missing in the legal blogosphere; creating a forum for news and discussion between and among law professors who teach legal skills (including legal writing professors, clinicians and "doctrinal" professors who incorporate practical skills into their courses), practitioners who hire the students we teach, and student themselves who are interested in keeping abreast of trends in legal skills training. 

To that end, the contributing editors of this blog do, and will, come from a variety of pertinent backgrounds including legal writing professors, clinicians, practitioners, experts in applied technology and others.

Stay tuned and please add us to your daily RSS feed - we hope you'll find this blog both interesting and informative.

Thank you.

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