Thursday, October 14, 2010

Princeton Review ranks law schools on best career prospects based in part on practice prep.

Before getting to the list, let's provide the criteria (free registration may be  required) the Princeton Review uses to rank the 172 schools surveyed (aren't there close to 200 accredited and provisionally accredited law schools?):

Based on school reported data and student surveys. School data include: the average starting salaries of graduating students, the percent of students immediately employed upon graduation and the percent of these students who pass the bar exam the first time they take it. Student answers to survey questions on: how much the law program encourages practical experience; the opportunities for externships, internships and clerkships, and how prepared the students feel they will be to practice the law after graduating.

With that in mind, here's the list:

  1. U. Penn.
  2. Northwestern
  3. NYU
  4. Vanderbilt
  5. Harvard
  6. U. Chicago
  7. UVA
  8. U. Michigan
  9. B.C.
  10. BU.

Seems strange that Yale and Stanford, among others, didn't make the list but then again the Princeton rankings have been criticized as less than reliable, here and here


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