Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friday Fun: IP Lawsuit cancels Red Bull "space jump."

Red Bull energy drink, which has fueled many of my own late night blogging sessions, a few years ago began sponsoring a series of extreme stunts, the most exciting of which for my money, was this guy jumping a motorcycle onto, and then off of, the fake Arc De Triomphe in Las Vegas.

Seeking to up the ante (and begging the question how-the-hell could anyone ever top this?!?), the 2010 edition of the Red Bull "No Limits" stunt was going to be a dude jumping from a space platform almost 23 miles above the earth's surface in order to break the speed of sound protected only by the suit he was wearing.  As incredulous as that sounds, here's the video evidence:


Unfortunately for Red Bull "No Limits" fans (but perhaps fortunately for the family and friends of would-be space diver Felix Baumgartner), a pesky IP suit has nixed the plan on the grounds that the company stole the idea from someone else.  You can read the full story courtesy of the Wall Street Journal legal blog.

Hat tip to the online ABA Journal blog.


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