Tuesday, January 2, 2007

CLE 1/10 on McNulty Memo and Corporate Privilege

Link here to a two-hour audio CLE program from West LegalEdCenter.  It is to be webcast live January 10, 2007, from 2:00 to 4:00 EST.  The program is called "The McNulty Memo and Waiver of Attorney-Client Privilege in Criminal and Civil Investigations."  [Alan Childress]

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Save May 8 For Boston Bar's CLE on Legal Ethics

If you are planning a trip to Boston around Tuesday, May 8 (as I suspect Jeff is, about then, just 439932_boston_cityscapeafter Jazz Fest in New Orleans), or live there, one trip to plan may be the local bar association's 3-hr. program on "Ethics and Professional Liability."  It's part of this save-the-date announcement for all sorts of CLEs the bar offers in '07.  [Alan Childress]

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Colorado Bar's Roadshow CLEs on Preventing Legal Malpractice, Etc.

Posted by Alan Childress

The Colorado Bar Association's annual "Preventing Legal Malpractice" seminar earns four credits (all ethics hours) and is offered live in these locations: 1/25 and again 2/7 in Denver, 1/26 in Colorado Springs, and 2/9 in Grand Junction.  Webcasts are 1/25 and 2/7.  Here is the brochure in PDF.

Colo All three cities offer a video replay Dec. 29 of "The All New Ethics Revue," a musical-comedy ethics program on which we posted details earlier.

Programs on Criminal Law Ethics and on Bankruptcy Ethics were blizzarded out Dec. 20 and will be rescheduled.  Watch this page for new dates.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

CLE: West Webcasts of Year-End Ethics Programs

Posted by Alan Childress

West LegalEd is announcing some last-minute CLE ethics programs, via live web audiocast, particularly handy for those whose eligibility runs out Dec. 31.  They are, with links:

Plus on Dec. 26, there's a live webcast on corporate Lawyer Liability: Personal Exposure of Inside and Outside Counsel, for 3 hours (2.75 credits and it looks like 2 of them are ethics hours).

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

ABA Teleconference 12/21 on Ethics in Managing Multistate Practices

Link here to an ABA ethics CLE on managing multistate law practices.  It's 90 minutes on Thurs., Dec. 21.  One of the speakers is Carol Needham at St. Louis University Law School.  [Alan Childress]

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CLE in DC 12/11 on Corrupt Practices Act; One 12/14 on Privilege; 12/28 on Chess

The D.C. Bar as linked here is putting on a CLE on Monday Dec. 11, from 6:00-9:15 pm, on "A Practical Guide to the Federal Corrupt Foreign Practices Act," including how to conduct internal investigations. On Wash_monThursday, Dec. 14, also 6:00-9:15, the bar here is featuring, "Understanding the Intricacies of the Attorney-Client Privilege," including 2 hours of ethics in its 3.

673118_chess_2 Finally, on Thursday Dec. 28 (1:30-4:45 pm), there's this:  "Ethics Chess:  Thinking Ahead to Avoid Ethical Dilemmas."  Topics, including conflicts and new clients, "are addressed through interactive, hypothetical scenarios."  All 3 hours are ethics credits.  [Alan Childress]

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Videocast CLE 12/19 by West/PLI on Privilege and Internal Investigations

Link here to a CLE webcast and video by PLI sold through West, for Dec. 19 and running 2 hours 10 min., entitled The Attorney-Client Privilege & Internal Investigations 2006.  [Alan Childress]

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Musical Theatre "Ethics Revue" Offers 3 CLE Credits in Denver 12/13 (Or: Your State's CLE Agenda Pales by Comparison)

Posted by Alan Childress

The bar announcement trumpets, "If you are only going to see one CLE musical this fall...."  This one is co-performed by the Colorado Bar Association's Ethics Committee--over dinner--and allows pre-registration here.  They admit:  "Your mental image of the 50-year-old CBA Ethics Committee is of sixty scholarly, Seventeenth Street solicitors whose average IQ is about 145. The last time one of them told a joke was in 1972. And it was dry. Dusty dry. The Ethics Committee's idea of a good time is reading disciplinary decisions from Delaware. They still sip sherry and wear three-piece silk suits."  Don't let that stop you from earning 3 hours of ethics CLE over chicken.  The event is Dec. 13 and a colorful PDF brochure has detailed information. 

Alternatively, the same bar site front page yesterday touted a new article in it bar journal entitled, "Colorado Revisits the Rule Against Perpetuities," thereby putting some poor trusts-and-estates author in the equivalent position of following animals or children on-stage.  Let's face it:  the rule against perpetuities is just not as sexy as it sounds, at least not since 1981's Body Heat.

Anyway, back to the CLE program: actual topics include conflicts of interest, confidentiality, witness prep, and deposing opposing counsel -- while actual songs, really, are entitled: 517854_pure_music_1_2

  •   >>  "It's the Most Ethical Time of the Year"
  •   >>  "The Twelve Days of Conflicts-Checking Diligence"
  •   >>  "Super Lawyer"
  •   >>  "Pro Bono Obligation Song"
  •   >>  "A Spooky Little Witness Like You"
...although we add that apparently New Jersey attorneys will get no CLE credit for the Super Lawyer segment and may even have to cover their ears while humming "Henery the Eighth" to block it out.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

West CLE Webcast 12/18 on Ethics In Corporate Counseling

Topic is "Ethics 2006:  Corporate & Legal," and includes SOX, internal investigations, "who is the client?", backdated options, and corporate attorney-client privilege.  Live webcast is 3.25 hours on Monday, December 18, 1:30 pm EST. 

UPDATE: Here is a link to the entire West collection of audio CLE webcasts on ethics from the National Business Institute, which are field-specific and run various dates. [Alan Childress]

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

ABA's CLE Program on Ethics Issues in Representing a Client After a Disaster (Mainly the Client's Disaster)

Here is a link to an ABA-sponsored ethics webcast, scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 28, on issues in representing clients after a disaster (including pre-planning to make sure the clients are cared for in spite of the lawyer's and client's troubles).  Such disasters include extreme ones like hurricane and office fire and also more personal ones like family illness and call-up to military service–-basically life-changing events that make clients vulnerable and raise unique issues of ethics and professionalism (such as practice across state lines and rules about active-duty military clients).  Its format is a 90-minute live audio webcast or teleconference.  I don't know anything about four of the five listed speakers (from all over), but I can tell you that the fifth--New Orleans attorney Malcolm Meyer--is an experienced adjunct ethics teacher who cares about these issues and recently lived them through Katrina.  [Alan Childress]

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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

CLE Webcast 11/30 on Ethics Issues for In-House Counsel, Law Firm Counsel, and Outside Corporate Counsel

Here is information from West on a 3.25-hour webcast program Nov. 30 on ethics and liability issues affecting corporate counsel including counsel to law firms.  It is called Lawyer Liability: Personal Exposure and Ethical Responsibilities of Inside and Outside Counsel: A Town Hall Event. Topics include SOX compliance, selective waiver of privilege, liability for investigators a la H-P, and also advanced waiver of conflicts of interest [see LegalEthicsForum for an update on that].  The program is part of a lot of West CLE offerings from this siteCAUTION:  Some of the information West has on one site lists the course as starting at 1:00 pm EST but another site says 2:00 EST.  You'd better check with West.   [Alan Childress]

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Monday, October 9, 2006

ALI-ABA Webcast on Ethics Issues Friday the 13th

Posted by Alan Childress

Here is the West information page on an audio- or video-webcast "Ethics Update" program of three and a quarter hours, including accidental clients and "red flags."  Although the West email circulating about this could give more coverage information and less hype ("The hottest ethical issues discussed!"), I note that the content is provided by the reputable and substantive ALI-ABA organization.  You'd have to go to the link to find out that the speakers are actually quite good, including my colleague at GW Susan Martyn (who did not put me up to this) and Kathleen Clark at Wash U., as well as speakers from a law firm, the bar, and in-house.  In contrast (to the subject 127265_83416399matter ambiguity of hot), their "people who also bought" suggestions box features one program that I think I understand the contents by its title:  "Don't Lie, Cheat, or Steal!"  We are pleased to observe that West did not put an asterisk on the title, though disappointed that such advice is not considered hot.

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