Thursday, November 9, 2017

Charitable Distrust

A disbarment from the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is summarized on the web page of the Board of Bar Overseers

The conduct to which the respondent pleaded guilty included the following. In May of 2012, the respondent was appointed Executor of the estate of a client. Over the next four years, the respondent misappropriated to his own use approximately $675,000 in estate funds and assets. In addition to funds from the estate, the respondent misappropriated $8,900 from a special needs trust of which the respondent was the trustee. Finally, the respondent was the Assistant Director of Alternative Educational Programming, Inc., a tax-exempt nonprofit. For tax year 2012, the respondent provided to the organization’s accountant financial information that the respondent knew was false and which concealed payments made to the respondent and another for work that they had not performed. For tax years 2012 and 2013, the respondent filed individual income tax returns that failed to disclose income he had received from the above estate and nonprofit as well as from his law practice.

 The above scenario led to the attorney's conviction on several deferral offenses. (Mike Frisch)

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