Monday, October 9, 2017

Loose Cannon

The Nevada Supreme Court has suspended a convicted attorney

The State Bar has filed a petition under SCR 111 to inform this court that attorney Curtis Cannon has been convicted of voluntary sexual conduct between a prisoner and another person, a category D felony in violation of NRS 212.187. Cannon did not self-report the conviction to the State Bar as required by SCR 111(2).  Because the conviction is for a felony offense, it is a "serious" crime as defined in SCR 111(6). As such, SCR 111(7) and (8) normally would require that we temporarily suspend Cannon and refer him to a disciplinary board for a hearing to determine the extent of the discipline to be imposed, if any. Cannon, however, was transferred to disability inactive status under SCR 117 in 2014 and, therefore, currently is prohibited from practicing law


 We conclude that a referral to a disciplinary board is unnecessary because the conduct underlying the conviction appears to have been the subject of a grievance that was filed against Cannon before he was transferred to disability inactive status. The disciplinary proceedings as to that grievance, and several others filed against Cannon, were stayed pursuant to SCR 117. The conviction therefore may be addressed in the context of the pending disciplinary proceedings should they be resumed upon Cannon's reinstatement to active status, as provided in SCR 117(4).  But, given the nature of the criminal conviction and its connection to Cannon's practice of the law, we are convinced that a temporary suspension  under SCR 111 is warranted to ensure that Cannon cannot resume the active practice of the law until a disciplinary panel and this court have the opportunity to consider the appropriate discipline, if any, as a result of his criminal conviction.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported on the crime, which involved oral sex

Both Cannon and [incarcerated client] Wallis acknowledged that inappropriate conduct had occurred between them during the jail visit, according to an arrest report.

The contact occurred on the fourth floor of the detention center’s north tower during the 26-minute visit.

Cannon told the detectives that he was on medication and had not had sex with his wife for 14 years. Wallis, he said, wanted to marry him.

The case is In re Curtis Cannon. (Mike Frisch)

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