Thursday, October 12, 2017

Federal Practice Found To Violate State Bar Rules

The Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board proposes a year and a day suspension for an attorney who practiced before the Immigration & Naturalization Service when her only state bar license was suspended.

The attorney had a trifecta Louisiana suspension.

Respondent has been certified ineligible to practice law since October 1, 2008, for failure to pay her annual bar dues and disciplinary assessment. She was certified ineligible again on October 2, 2008, for failure to complete her annual trust account overdraft disclosure authorization. She was certified ineligible again on June 19, 2010, for failure to complete her annual MCLE requirements.


Here, Respondent has practiced law on two occasions by seeking to enroll as counsel on behalf of clients while she was ineligible to practice law. The single mitigating factor in this matter does not outweigh the three aggravating factors. Additionally, she has not participated in the investigation or prosecution of this matter. Thus, there is no justification to deviate from the baseline sanction of one year and one day. 

(Mike Frisch)

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