Friday, October 20, 2017

Discourtesy Leads To Reprimand

A Michigan attorney agreed to a reprimand by a Tri-County Hearing Panel

Based upon respondent's admissions and the stipulation of the parties, the panel found that respondent failed to treat with courtesy and respect a person involved in the legal process and failed to avoid treating that person discourteously or disrespectfully because of that person's race and gender, in violation of MRPC 6.5(a); and engaged in conduct that exposes the legal profession to obloquy, contempt, censure, or reproach, in violation of MCR 9.104(2).

We recently reported on the charges

The Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission has filed a complaint charging misconduct by an attorney who allegedly said the following during a probation review to the probation officer

Respondent and Ms. Polom walked into the courtroom. As Ms. Polom walked past Respondent in the courtroom, he told her that she had "angry black women's syndrome" and/or "black women's disease."

After she responded "don't do this"

Respondent continued to talk to Ms. Polom in a derogatory manner, including stating that she was an "angry black woman" and "that's why you don't have a husband."

Roshawn Gardner, the court clerk, who heard and observed this conversation, moved between Ms. Polom and Respondent and then escorted Respondent out of her office.

(Mike Frisch)

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