Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Viagra And Alcohol

The New Jersey Supreme Court has disbarred an attorney convicted of arranging a meeting with an undercover police officer posing as an underage female.

The Disciplinary Review Board reviewed the sanctions imposed on lawyers convicted of sex crimes and concludes

Respondent had salacious online communications with someone whom he, admittedly, believed was a fourteen-year-old girl. He sent her a picture of male genitals and a link to a pornographic website. These communications occurred over the course of fourteen months, culminating in his agreement to meet with the girl in person. When he arrived, he was arrested and found to have brought Viagra and alcohol. Respondent’s conduct was not simply a bad mistake, but, rather, a pattern of behavior over the course of fourteen months that he could have stopped at any time. Instead, he chose to continue to inappropriately and sexually pursue a child.

Notably he advised bar authorities of his situation and was disbarred in New York in 2011.

By letter dated August 25, 2011, respondent self-reported to the OAE his guilty plea and his anticipated incarceration in the Ulster County Jail.

I did not see an explanation of why the disbarment was just imposed. (Mike Frisch)

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