Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tennessee Reinstates Attorney

The Tennessee Supreme Court has reinstated an attorney convicted in 2008 and disbarred for bringing contraband into a correctional facility.

She pled guilty in part on this proffer

And [the Defendant] did in fact drop off—I believe it was a Wendy’s cup that had marijuana in it, had tobacco in it, which is contraband in the jail, it’s not allowed in the jail, and had fifty-eight Xanax. I think there were eight Xanax bars, and then the rest were Xanax tablets, which is Alprozolam, a schedule IV controlled substance. That cup was confiscated by Detective Bailey.

The plea further indicates that the attorney was romantically involved with the inmate. 

From the presentencing report

The report shows that the fifty-year-old Defendant did not have a prior criminal record other than three speeding tickets. She was married but separated from her husband. In 2004,she graduated with a juris doctorate degree from Vanderbilt University Law School. She reported employment with the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee in 2003 and with a law firm, Byrd & Associates, PLC from August 2004 to February 2006. After February of 2006, she was self-employed. The Defendant surrendered her law license at the guilty plea hearing.

The above opinion involved a failed attempt to get diversion for the offense. (Mike Frisch)

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