Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Alleged Verbal Harassment Of Paralegal Draws Bar Charges

The Ohio Supreme Court - a model of transparency - has provided links to bar discipline charges in a number of matters.

One such matter involves allegations that  the attorney harassed a paralegal

Almost immediately, respondent began verbally harassing L.D. Examples of respondent's conduct included, but was not limited to:
• Calling L.D. "whorey, " instead of her proper name;
• Telling L.D. to "answer the phone bitch;"• Making comments about her breasts, stating "look at those jugs, they are huge;"
• Telling L.D. she was "stupid," a "bitch," and "dumb;"
• Calling her "fat," telling her she needed to "lose weight," and making other disparaging remarks about L.D. 's weight and appearance.

The paralegal began to tape him

Sometime in April or May 2012, respondent was going to lunch to meet another attorney and he brought L.D. and another female employee with him. In the car on the way to lunch, the following exchange occurred between respondent, L.D., and the other female employee:

You guys look like a cute couple up there.
L.D. You're going to ride up here next.
Respondent: I have an idea. I don't think I'm your, like, employer right now and you're not my employees when we're -- you should have clocked out, but why don't you give me some road head on the way there, and you give me some road head on the way back and I'll rate you guys one out of ten.
L.D. (Female employee's name)'s a pro I hear.
Respondent: I'm sure.

 The charges were brought by Disciplinary Counsel. (Mike Frisch)

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