Monday, June 19, 2017

Never, Ever

The Ohio Board on Professional Conduct proposes a reprimand of a common pleas court magistrate who advised police of her judicial position when stopped for a suspected DUI

Respondent testified that she had had a few drinks, waited three hours before driving, thought he was fine, had committed to be the designated driver and promised her friend a ride home. She thought she was fine to drive. She will never, ever do that again.

She had advised the police that she was a judge, that her son was a Secret Service officer, that she had not flunked the field sobriety test and "would not be driving drunk."

The magistrate pled guilty to misdemeanor reckless driving. (Mike Frisch)

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This is an interesting proposed disciplinary outcome since some years ago the Ohio Supreme Court (circa the late-Chief Justice Moyer) sent "I'm-a-Judge" ID cards out to Ohio judges drawing the objections of many for the reasons obvious in this opinion.

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