Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Mulligan

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has reinstated an attorney suspended after two prior private and one public reprimand

On October 8, 2015, following a lengthy contested disciplinary proceeding, this court suspended Attorney Mulligan's license to practice law for nine months for professional misconduct committed in two client matters including failing to enter into a fee agreement with his client, failing to deposit fees in trust, making cash disbursements out of his trust account, commingling personal funds with trust funds, and failing to maintain proper trust account records.

Good news

The referee found that Attorney Mulligan has not practiced law during the period of his suspension; that he has fully complied with the terms of the underlying disciplinary order; that he has maintained competence and learning in the law; that his conduct since the suspension has been exemplary and above reproach; and that he has a proper understanding of and attitude toward the standards that are imposed upon members of the bar and will act in conformity with those standards. The referee found that Attorney Mulligan can safely be recommended to the legal profession, the courts, and the public as a person fit to be consulted by others and to represent them and otherwise act in matters of trust and confidence and, in general, to aid in the administration of justice as a member of the bar and as an officer of the courts. The referee also found that Attorney Mulligan has fully complied with the requirements set forth in SCR 22.26.

The people of Spooner Wisconsin will benefit

The referee found that Attorney Mulligan's reinstatement will be beneficial to the public interest due to his commitment to assisting community members in a rural, underserved area of Wisconsin. Mindful of the conditions this court imposed in its underlying disciplinary order, the referee recommends Attorney Mulligan's reinstatement be subject to continued monitoring of his trust account by the OLR for a period of three years or until further order of the court. He also recommended we impose the costs of this reinstatement proceeding on Attorney Mulligan.

(Mike Frisch)

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