Monday, March 20, 2017

Murder Mistrial Due To Administrative Suspension Ends In Disbarment

The Georgia Supreme Court removed from its rolls an attorney who tried a murder case while suspended for CLE non-compliance

Nevertheless, Harkleroad continued to represent a client in a criminal case in which the client was charged with murder in the Superior Court of Coffee County. The client’s trial began on October 25, 2015, with Harkleroad representing the client. Following that day’s proceedings, the prosecution learned that Harkleroad was not then a member in good standing and advised the court of its discovery outside the presence of the jury. According to the Notice of Discipline, Harkleroad told the court that he had recently sent a check to pay his Bar dues and that he acquired six hours of continuing legal education credit. The court allowed Harkleroad to leave the courtroom to check on his membership status. When Harkleroad returned, he told the court that he had spoken with a representative of the Bar and had been told that he needed eight hours of continuing legal education credit. The court declared a mistrial in the client’s murder case and filed a grievance against Harkleroad. At that time, Harkleroad needed 18 hours of continuing legal education credit and no check for payment of Bar dues from Harkleroad was ever received by the Bar. Moreover, Harkleroad did not cooperate with the Office of General Counsel’s investigation of this grievance and did not submit a response to the Notice of Investigation. 

(Mike Frisch)

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