Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Jersey Pursues Sex Harassment Charges

The New Jersey Herald reports on bar charges filed against a New Jersey attorney

The state Office of Attorney Ethics has notified attorney Michael S. Garofalo of its intent to commence disciplinary proceedings against him for harassing two women over a combined period of several years and then lying about it to investigators.

Garofalo, 57, is accused in a complaint filed with the state Supreme Court last month of criminally harassing and stalking one woman -- even visiting and leaving a cryptic message at her place of business at one point -- and of sending her and another woman harassing emails from the law firm where he formerly worked...

The complaint, however, includes evidence in the form of emails sent by Garofalo to the two women, one of whom he persisted in sending requests to get together for lunch, drinks, exotic vacations, and sex.

After his advances were spurned, his demands took on a more ominous tone in which he called the woman various obscenities and warned her that "you just met your match in me."

According to the complaint, the woman -- a former employee of Laddey, Clark & Ryan with whom Garofalo is alleged in the complaint to have had "a brief consensual sexual relationship" in 2005 after she was no longer working there -- remained friends with him until 2009.

After that point, according to the complaint and emails, she continued to receive email solicitations from Garofalo in which he referred to her alternately as his "sex toy," "love muffin," "sweet cheeks" and, in one instance, as a "hooker."

After she requested that he stop contacting her and told Garofalo she was changing her phone number, Garofalo replied to her by email in January 2012 that "changing your phone number only makes me come up with other ideas."

Two days later, according to a police report included with the complaint, a photo of Garofalo was found taped to the front door of the office building in Parsippany where the woman was working at the time. When she arrived for work that morning, the woman was informed of the incident, which she promptly reported to the Parsippany Police Department, according to information included with the complaint.

The same source had an update on the allegations. (Mike Frisch)


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