Thursday, February 16, 2017

Taking Advantage Of Immigration Clients

From the Spring 2017 North Carolina Bar Journal

The Grievance Committee censured Mo Idlibby of Charlotte. At a May 2014 press conference and on a listserv for immigration lawyers, Idlibby accused an immigration judge of misconduct, including obstructing justice, tainting evidence, and engaging in “numerous unethical ex parte communications.” The statements were made with reckless disregard as to their truth or falsity. In a separate matter, Idlibby misrepresented to the court that he had notified a client’s prior counsel that he filed a motion for appropriate relief and asserted that the original trial transcript was unavailable when he had not personally made an attempt to obtain the transcript.

The Grievance Committee issued two reprimands to Mo Idlibby of Charlotte. The committee found that he charged excessive fees to clients in several immigration cases, did not communicate promptly or adequately with one client, did not timely respond to the State Bar fee dispute facilitator, and submitted late responses in the resulting grievances despite multiple extensions of time. The committee considered the significant adversity in Idlibby’s personal life as a mitigating factor.

In an unrelated matter, disbarment was imposed by consent of a North Carolina attorney

In and after 2011, Greene sent electronic messages to clients containing sexual and sexually-suggestive subject matter during the existence of the attorney-client relationship and had sexual relations as defined in Rule of Professional Conduct 1.19( d) with clients during the existence of the attorney-client relationship. Several of these clients with whom he had sexual relations are currently his clients, and all of these clients were immigration clients and were especially vulnerable.

(Mike Frisch)

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