Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sex In Jail Charges Lead To Consent Disbarment

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has accepted a consent disbarment of an attorney who has been charged with criminal offenses.

Fox 25 reported on the criminal charges, initiated after a report by a female inmate at the Oklahoma County jail

Sheriff Whetsel said the investigation revealed the [attorney] Kirk only pretended to represent the woman who was in jail on drug charges.  She discovered the ruse when the public defender's office contacted her about her case.  That's when the woman talked to deputies and agreed to assist in the investigation.

Investigators say the woman met with Kirk inside the jail and he is heard on audio tape making advances towards her.  The sheriff's office says the woman was told to use the phrase "my pants are too tight" to signal deputies to enter the room.  "During his visit, Kirk furnished her with lubricating jelly and a sex toy and as this began our investigators opened the door and arrested Frank Kirk immediately."

According to court documents the female inmate told investigators that Kirk coerced her into performing sexual acts while he watched at least four times. 

Deputies found a cell phone with Kirk after his arrest.  Bringing a cell phone into the jail is a felony.  Kirk is now facing charges of possession of contraband and multiple counts of offering to engage in an act of lewdness.

"The sex toys and lubricant and stuff like that I can't imagine in a million years any lawyer would do anything like that and hopefully there's been a misunderstanding but it doesn't seem that way to me," said defense attorney Scott Adams.

(Mike Frisch)

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