Thursday, April 24, 2014

Judging Ethics In South Carolina

The South Carolina Advisory Committee on Standards of Judicial has issued several recent opinions.

A full-time magistrate may serve as vice-president of the alumni chapter of a college fraternity but should be careful to avoid support for invidious discrimination.

A probate judge may not serve on the advisory board of a local bank but can be on the board of a closely-held real estate company.

And when the judge's spouse is a political candidate

A  Circuit Court Judge wishes to be involved in a spouse’s political campaign. The  judge wants to attend candidate forums and debates, as well fund-raising and/or  non-fund raising activities for the spouse’s political campaign.  Additionally, the judge wants to be present  with the judge’s spouse on election night.   The judge also wants to have his or her name and/or picture, without  title, appear on the spouse’s campaign ads and fliers.


  1. A  judge may attend fundraising and/or non- fundraising activities of a spouse’s  political campaign.
  2. A  judge may attend a spouse’s candidate forums and debates.
  3. A  judge’s name and/or picture may appear on a spouse’s campaign ads and fliers,  provided that the judge’s title is not included.
  4. A  judge may be present on a spouse’s election night.

(Mike Frisch)

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