Friday, April 4, 2014

A Bed In The Office

The North Dakota Supreme Court has disbarred an attorney admitted in 1972.

Among the charges were

The petitions for discipline in both files allege Overboe had sexual contact with multiple clients and offered to exchange his legal services for sexual favors.

And findings

On or about the month of February, 2006, Overboe engaged in conduct which constituted a substantial step toward knowingly having sexual contact with a client, [S.K.], at his office, in that Overboe grabbed her around the lower back and buttock area and tried to kiss her on the mouth, to the annoyance and alarm of [S.K.]...

On or about October 14, 2006, Overboe had sexual contact with a client, [A.R.], in that Overboe touched her buttocks on the way to his office, and at his office rubbed his groin against her body and grabbed her buttocks...

On or about October 23, 2006, Overboe offered to hire [A.R.] with the intention of engaging in sexual activity, in his office, through the offer of exchanging sexual favors for a reduction in legal fees...

In approximately 1997 or 1998, Overboe represented [W.M.]. She had been referred to Overboe through a legal services program. During a meeting at his office, Overboe made remarks to [W.M.] questioning whether she was breast feeding, and other remarks that made [W.M.] uncomfortable. [W.M.] testified that Overboe had a fridge, and a couch or bed, in his office.

In approximately 1999, [M.R.] was referred to Overboe by Legal Assistance of North Dakota. He met with her after regular business hours. Overboe had chilled wine, which he was drinking, and which he offered to [M.R.]. Overboe told her of his personal life and personal problems he was having. He told her how much she would have to pay if the matter had not been referred by Legal Aid. Overboe's comments made [M.R.] fearful of being alone with Overboe.

In approximately 1995 and 1996, Overboe represented the employer of [M.B.]. On one occasion, [M.B.] took papers for her employer to Overboe at his office. While [M.B.] was at his office, Overboe walked around his desk, unzipped his pants, and exposed himself. [M.B.] was appalled by Overboe's conduct...

Beginning in early 2005, Overboe represented [R.L.] in a divorce matter. During the course of the representation, Overboe asked [R.L.] for sexual favors in exchange for reducing her financial obligation to him. [R.L.] testified that she initially thought Overboe was joking but realized he was serious when he unzipped his pants and exposed himself.

The attorney was suspended on an interim basis in 2006 and complained about the delay. He also contended that a disability suspension, rather than disbarment, should have been imposed.

The court also found ethical violations of a non-sexual nature. (Mike Frisch)

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