Thursday, April 3, 2014

Probation For Actor/Author/Lawyer

An attorney who was convicted of five alcohol-related driving offenses received a stayed suspension of a year and a day and probation of two years from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Some of the offenses involved accidents. All were committed while the attorney was driving a black Mercedes Benz SUV.

The blood alcohol content results from the incidents were stunning - "greater than .30," .281. .274 and .257.

Because all five incidents occurred before any conviction, the attorney received first offender treatment in each of the criminal cases.

According to the Disciplinary Board report, he has made a dramatic recovery from his alcoholism and is not practicing law. Rather, he is  

...currently working as an actor and is also President and CEO of GoingLong Productions, a film production company which operates  in association with Longitude Entertainment in Los Angeles [and] has appeared in two upcoming feature films...

His acting biography is linked here. Among the roles he has played is superlawyer Ted Olsen.

He is also the author of a treatise on prosecutorial misconduct.

The disposition is a testament to the impact alcoholism recovery can have on a disciplinary sanction. (Mike Frisch)

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