Monday, February 10, 2014

Former Prosecutor Suspended In West Virginia

The former Randolph County Prosecuting Attorney was suspended for three years for the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals for serious misconduct in two criminal matters.

The attorney was admitted in West Virgina in 2002 and had practiced in his father's law firm until he became the prosecuting attorney. He resigned in December 2011.

The court explained that the misconduct in office warranted a significant suspension

Balancing the mitigating and aggravating factors in the instant case, we are convinced that the recommendations by the Subcommittee, including a three-year license suspension, are appropriate. There is simply no justification for permitting Mr. Busch’s ability to practice law to go unimpeded after he engaged in such egregious conduct as a public official. As we have held previously, "[e]thical violations by a lawyer holding a public office are viewed as more egregious because of the betrayal of the public trust attached to the office." ...

We find that Mr. Busch’s pattern of misconduct, coupled with his habit of continuing his dishonest behavior even when provided opportunities to remedy the same, was a detriment to the public office, to the State of West Virginia as his client, to the public who deserved efficiency and protection from the public office, to the legal system, and to the legal profession. For those reasons, we adopt the recommendations as set forth by the Subcommittee.

(Mike Frisch)

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