Monday, January 6, 2014

Disbarred By Jurisdiction Where Attorney Not Admitted

A Wisconsin attorney who was a principal in an Aurora, Colorado law firm was disbarred by the Colorado Presiding Disciplinary Judge despite having never been admitted to practice in the state.

The judge found that the attorney had engaged in extensive misconduct in  eight client matters involving abandoning clients, failure to communicate, conversion of entrusted funds, and failure to respond or cooperate with the disciplinary process. 

Most of the violations took place in connection with permissible federal practice.

Only one matter involved unauthorized practice of law.

The attorney presumably will now face reciprocal discipline where she is admitted. (Mike Frisch)

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Maybe I'm just splitting hairs here but how can someone who is not a admitted to the bar be disbarred? I can see that they can be disciplined, for example, barring them from practicing within the jurisdiction, but how can they be removed from a bar which they are not a member of? This just seems a matter of simple logic. Oh, maybe that is my mistake here..


Posted by: Stephen Williams | Jan 6, 2014 6:43:50 PM

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