Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Four Year Term

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ended a career at the bar that began in 2009 by revoking the license of an attorney:

Revocation of an attorney's license to practice law is the most severe sanction this court can impose.  It is reserved for the most egregious cases.  Although Attorney Cooper was not licensed to practice law until 2009, during the short time that he was a practicing attorney, he engaged in repeated misconduct in his handling of numerous client matters.  Based on the state of the record before us, it appears that Attorney Cooper is unable to conform his conduct to the standards expected of all members of the Wisconsin bar.  We agree with the referee that no sanction short of revocation would be sufficient to protect the public, achieve deterrence, and impress upon Attorney Cooper the seriousness of his misconduct.  We also agree with the referee that Attorney Cooper should be required to make restitution to various clients and that he should be assessed the full costs of this proceeding. 

The attorney had defaulted in the face of 39 charges of professional misconduct in ten client matters. (Mike Frisch)


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