Monday, December 2, 2013

A Dry Cough

The Illinois Review Board has recommended a six-month suspension with reinstatement only on further court order in a matter involving frivolous litigation and false accusations against a judge in a post-dissolution matter.

The board noted that it had vacated a default and remanded the matter on the issue of sanctions:

The remand provided the Respondent the opportunity  to explain his conduct and provide some assurances that he can conform his  conduct to appropriate standards. This he did not do. Instead he would have us  assume that he will. Unfortunately, there is no basis for such an assumption.  Like the Hearing Board, we conclude that the Respondent was gaming the system.  His answers to the Complaint were not forthright, his failure to show up for the  hearing and his failure to follow-up promptly after he did not show up, are  clear indications that he does not value his professional responsibilities. We  are also troubled by the motion he filed after the first hearing in which he  suggested he was discharged to bed rest for ten days when in fact, he was  discharged in good condition, with no instructions and physical findings no  worse than a "dry cough."

This type of active disregard of this process is  not something that precedent shows should be tolerated.

(Mike Frisch)

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