Friday, November 22, 2013

Gallery ID Hurts Client, Attorney's Stratagem Draws Suspension

A Nebraska attorney was suspended for violating the durt of confidentiality (see below).

A Colorado attorney got suspended for a year and a day, with all but six months stayed, for an excess of zeal.

The summary from the Colorado Supreme Court web page:

 In a juvenile theft case, Lee believed her client, the defendant, had been misidentified by the victim. At trial, she arranged for her client to sit in the back of the courtroom and for a friend of her client to sit at counsel table. During her opening statement, Lee pointed to the client’s friend, saying "my client is innocent." This stratagem worked to her client’s detriment, since the victim accurately identified the defendant in the gallery. The judge found Lee in contempt and granted the defendant a new trial based upon Lee’s fraud upon the court.

There were trust account violations in another count. (Mike Frisch)

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