Tuesday, October 22, 2013

When The Moon Is In the Seventh House...

The Ohio Supreme Court has fined a non-attorney and enjoined her further practice of law.

The court noted that the respondent initially cooperated and met with the bar association. She then failed to appear for a deposition and the hearing.


[Her] communications with the relator were not always coherent and included many astrological references that were not directly responsive to relator's inquiries. For example, in one correspondence she declared that she had received relator's letter "when two planets were in opposition to my North Node." In another letter she stated that she had forwarded relator's communications to her "tribunal for a diagnoses of any and all infarctions [sic] that I've committed against the United Nations declarations on human, indigenous, and stateless people rights." And in response to relator's request for documents relatibng to her research, she submitted a document entitled"Perpetual Universal Charter of the Moabite Nation."

The court noted that the unauthorized practice was "not widespread" and involved only flyers and two pleadings in an eviction action. (Mike Frisch)


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