Monday, October 7, 2013

Misconduct Bodes Ill For Future

The Illinois Review Board has recommended a suspension of four months followed by a year of probation in a matter involved fees in an estate case.

Among other things, the attorney was charged with changiong the fee to a contingent one after learning that there were no adverse claims against the estate.

As to sanction

In aggravation, she caused considerable harm to  unsophisticated clients. As of the date of the hearing, Respondent had refunded  only $504 she had received as costs. Most importantly, she clearly does not  understand the nature of any of her misconduct. We are particularly troubled by  her seeming unwillingness or inability to follow basic court rules as evidenced  by her actions in this matter and by her tendency to distort basic fact  situations. For example, she objects to discovery after the date the discovery  is due. She fails to notify anyone that she will not attend her duly noticed  deposition. All these shortcomings bode ill for her clients whom she states she  represents in personal injury and family law matters. We are concerned that the  inappropriate conduct she displayed in the course of this matter bodes ill for  her representation of clients in other litigation settings.

The probation is subject to conditions. (Mike Frisch)

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