Friday, October 18, 2013

He's Not in Kansas Anymore

The Kansas Supreme Court has indefinitely suspended former Attorney General Phillip Kline for ethical violations relating to his investigation of abortion clinics while serving in office and "for his role with a citizen-requested grand jury" as a county district attorney.

The Disciplinary Administrator had sought disbarment.

Five judges of the court recused themselves and were replaced by three circuit and two district court judges.

The disciplinary case spanned sixteen hearing days and generated an 185-page report finding misconduct.

The court found that the attorney knowingly violated multiple disciplinary rules, made false statements and obstructed the disciplinary process.

As to motive:

The evidence demonstrates that with respect to several violations, Kline acted to protect himself from perceived ridicule and unfavorable public scrutiny and cull favor with the public for his cause. But regardless of whatever fervid belief or desire to see his cause succeed, Kline's efforts at casting a favorable public image toward himself or elsewhere was clearly an improper motive upon which to act when his statutory duty with the grand jury was to serve as its legal advisor.

The attorney no longer pays his registration fees in Kansas because "he didn't want to send you [the Bar] money."

He now is a law professor at Liberty University. (Mike Frisch)

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Wow. He may do more harm as a law professor. ;-)

Posted by: Paula Marie Young | Oct 19, 2013 9:17:36 AM

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