Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stayed Suspension For Elementary School Bomb Threats

An attorney who was convicted of offenses relating to telephone bomb threats to two elementary schools made within a short period of time has been suspended for two years, with the suspension fully stayed, by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

According to the court

...the two elementary schools were immediately evacuated and a sweep of each building was then completed by bomb detection dogs. No bombs were found in either school building. The sudden evacuation of all students and staff caused much confusion, anger and upset to everyone, particularly the very young and impressionable students, several of whom cried.

The police traced the calls to a cell phone that the attorney had purchased at Walmart.

He pled no contest to charges of Terrorizing and was sentenced a suspended period of imprisonment.

The attorney suffers from several chronic diseases including Graves Disease, insulin dependent diabetes, obsessive cumpulsive disorder, anxiety and depression.

Shortly after the crimes, he was informed that he likely also suffers from Graves Rage.

He entered into a contract with the Maine Assistance Program and is in compliance with their treatment and counseling protocols.

He has no prior discipline and produced favorable testimony regarding his abilities and integrity as an attorney.

The attorney must comply with conditions in order to avoid actual suspension. (Mike Frisch)


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